what is the difference between shopify plans, and which is best for you?


So you’re now ready to transform your business and start selling online? Whatever it is you are selling, a product or a service, Shopify is a great resource for your eCommerce needs.

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Okay, let’s dive in straight to the topic. Currently, Shopify is offering three (3) plans that are all on a monthly basis subscription: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advance Shopify. Additionally, as an added functionality of the platform, add-on upgrades are also available – Retail Package, Shopify App Store, and Shopify’s Hardware. Still, if you want to jump right into the platform and experiment round, a free 30-day trial is available for grabs!

Before comparing each plan, below is a list of some important things that you might want to consider before moving forward with Shopify:

  • All plans that are currently available on the platform has no set up fees.
  • While the contract plans are for monthly basis, you could also opt-in for an annual or a biennial plan. The annual contract plan offers a 10% discount if availed with upfront payment. You can also avail a 20% discount if you opt-in for a biennial plan and choose an upfront payment.
  • You can always upgrade or downgrade to any plan of your choosing, any time while you are on a contract plan.
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.
  • If you want to try the free 30-day trial, you don’t need to enter your credit card details to sign-up. However, at the end of the trial, you need to choose a plan and your credit card will be needed for that.

Basic Shopify Plan – $13/Month

Who is this Plan Best for?

                The Basic Shopify plan is best suited for new and small entrepreneurs that are just starting out and want to sell their products without sweating the basic stuff. This plan includes:

  • Two (2) staff accounts.
  • Unlimited Products.
  • Unlimited File Storage.
  • 24/7 support
  • 0% transaction fee.
  • Manual order creation.
  • Discount codes.
  • Website and blog.
  • Free SSL Certificate.

Since the plan include unlimited products and unlimited file storage, businesses that plan on drop shipping many products would also be best suited for this plan. If you would also just want to try out the core functions and important features on the platform and see its possibilities, this plan would do the trick.

Shopify Plan – $54/Month

Who is this Plan Best for?

                Is your small-medium business growing? Would you like to follow-up on your customers who missed a cart purchase? Do you need more staff in order to cope up with your increasing customer transactions? If you said yes to all these, then, this plan is best suited for your business. It has everything you need for a growing business, plus some added functionalities and features from the Basic Plan.

                At a price of $54/Month, the Shopify Plan includes the following additional functions, plus all the Basic Plan options:

  • Gift Cards (not included in the Basic Plan). With this, you can increase sales during special occasions, like holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. by sending either physical gift cards or digital ones. This will also allow you to engage prospective leads and turn them into customers, thus increasing your customer base.
  • Professional Reports (not included in the Basic Plan). With your Professional Reports, you can cross-match, measure, and analyze each factor that affects the sales of each of your products. This will allow you to come up with a plan to improve your sales.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery (not included in the Basic Plan). This function allows you to send a customized email to your customers who missed the completion of their purchases. In order to recover the missed sales, a prefilled cart link of the missed products, is attached in the email.
  • Fraud Analysis (not included in the Basic Plan). Since your business is growing fast, analyzing payments from your customers must also be taken with an utmost consideration. Fraudulent sales will not only lower your profit margin but will also put a negative reputation on your growing business. You would not want a bad reputation to be attached to your expanding business store. This is a must.

Advance Shopify Plan – $107/Month

Who is this Plan Best for?

                Is your established business scaling up? Does your business have a steady influx of repeat customers and expecting to take in more customers in the near months and years to come? Do you need more than 10 staffs to cope up with the growing demand of your business store? If this is the current situation of your eCommerce store, then you better upgrade to the Advance Shopify Plan, immediately!

                From a previously $299/month subscription, the Advance Shopify plan is now only $107/month, and includes the following additional functionalities, plus all the functions and options for the Basic Plan and Shopify Plan:

  • Advance Report Builder (not included in all the two lower-tier plans). Advance reporting that is customized to your growing needs is a big bonus in this plan. Advance reporting will save you time, and allows you to focus on the more important things in your business store that need your attention the most.
  • Real-time carrier shipping (not included in all the lower-tier plans). As an established business retail store, you can save more time with this functionality. This option allows you to automatically calculate the precise shipping rates by analyzing the dimensions of the purchased product and the location of your customer.

Plan Add-ons and Upgrades

                In order to provide more functionality for every type of business store, your selected Shopify Plan can also be supplemented and customized into three (3) different ways:

  • Shopify’s Retail Package. At $40/month, this add-on includes the following:
    • Staff Management – You can integrate different and multiple shifts and employee log-ins within the platform. With this, you can track each staff’s sales and register usage. You can also assign each staff a PIN. This add-on makes it easier for you to track each of your staff’s performance.
    • Hardware Integration – POS integration on Android and IOS is offered in all of Shopify plans. This allows for hardware integration that support the checkout of each customer – receipt printing, scanning of barcode, and cash register.Ecommerce solutions
  • Shopify App Store – Additional apps are available from both Shopify and third party providers. These apps will allow you to:
    • Efficiently manage shipping transactions.
    • Track and update inventory details to improve sales.
    • Improve Social Media engagement.
    • Install accounting software integration.
  • Shopify’s Hardware – You can also purchase hardware items such as receipt printers, label printers, barcode scanner, barcode printer, card readers, weight scales, and gift cards.

The Best Plan for Your Business?

                Shopify’s plans offer flexibility to meet the varying needs of different retailers. With this, the platform can accommodate every type of merchant (including you!), from new to the most advanced and established retail stores. With the given information above, it will be now easier for you to choose which is best for you and for your business needs.

                The best Shopify Plan for your is always the plan that meets your current business practices, goals, and customizations. The only way to answer this is to follow through with the given questions above. Learn about eCommerce Themes

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